Impotence and lack of sleep

Chronic lack of sleep leads to Impotence – say US scientists from the University of Chicago. According to the, even in young and healthy men from chronic sleep deprivation significantly decreases the level of testosterone – the principal male hormone. Erectile Dysfunction is common in men who are often nervous and worry!

In the experiment, confirming these findings were 10 completely healthy young male students, whose average age was 24 years. After a full 10 hours of sleep results of blood tests showed normal testosterone levels, which decreased by 10-15% as a result of lack of sleep eight days, when he was deprived of sleep for only 5 hours. Help in the treatment of impotence can famous Kamagra Soft drug. Buy Kamagra Soft tabs 100mg is here.

The fall of hormone levels – just one of the reasons why the sexuality – says assistant professor of sexology, a sex therapist Dr. Jones. – Lack of sleep is always a stress to the body. Other reasons include increasing adrenal hormones, reduces libido, and prolonged stress increases the production of female hormones in men. Reduced erection can occur also due to narrowing of blood vessels of the penis, which occurs under the influence of stress. Due to lack of sleep suffers and pineal gland, responsible for daily biorhythms and fluctuations in testosterone, which also lead to a decrease in libido. In addition, under the influence of stress in men appears syndrome, when the desire to have sex fades into the background, and the body tends to adapt to the new condition.

However, the short-term lack of sleep is not as dangerous for potency, – says Dr. Jones – because testosterone levels in healthy men typically is in excess of his sexuality. In the male body, this hormone is produced in excess, so its reduction of 10-15% is not critical for short and stress is reversible.


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